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Ashleys Southern Gospel Music Pictures & More
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Would you like to listen to some good Southern Gospel Music   while you are here? Then check out one of these great radio stations. You will need Real Audio to hear them.

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My name is Ashley Deem and I am a big fan of Southern Gospel Music. I am 12 years old and have been to a lot of concerts. I attended my first National Quartet Convention in 1997 and I hope to go back every year. It was the best time of my life to see so many of my favorite artists and one time.

My favorite artists are The Kingsmen, The Isaac's, 3 for 1 and Jake Hess. My favorite internet source for all my Southern Gospel News is Southern Gospel Music Journal . You can find me in the Southern Gospel Music chat room along with other fans and artists.

Here is what you will find on my web site, pictures that were taken at the 1997 National Quartet Convention, pictures taken at concerts I attended, my record collection and my autographed pictures.


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